Упражнение 3. Инверсия в английском языке

Cогласно правилам употребления инверсии дополните предложения словами: at no time, never, seldom, had, under no circumstances, such, only after, not until, only later, were.
  1. are parents allowed to complain to their children.
  2. do they succeed in listening to the news on TV.
  3. did I realize how urgent it had been.
  4. I a millionaire, I would have many schools for the disabled built.
  5. you regularly attended the tutorials, you could have passed the final exam.
  6. have I seen such a beautiful lady.
  7. was his singing that we had to leave the room.
  8. I see the painting with my own eyes will I buy it.
  9. my explanation did he realize the meaning of my present.
  10. did she leave her children alone.
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