Упражнение 2. Инверсия в английском языке

Вставьте пропущенные слова:
  1. only/no sooner
    1) by drinking this syrup can you avoid rash.
    2) did his father leave, than she started watching a movie.
  2. such/little
    1) I knew about the party.
    2) a wonderful day was it that I decided to have a walk.
  3. nor/so
    1) She didn't do karate did she do yoga.
    2) busy was the market, that we finished doing shopping.
  4. only/should
    1) when Carl had agreed did they order another pizza.
    2) need arise he shall ring you up.
  5. rarely/never
    1) in his life has he flown abroad.
    2) have I watched such cool cartoons.
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