Упражнение 3. Непрямая речь

Перепишите предложения из прямой речи в непрямую.
  1. Mike said “I always have full breakfast in the morning.”
  2. Liza said “Do you know this teacher, Tom?”
  3. Mrs. Brown said to her son: “Walk the dog and don't forget to buy milk and bread on your way home.”
  4. The teacher said to Martin “Did you complete your exercises on Reported Speech?”
  5. The policeman said to the driver “Can I help you?”
  6. The woman said “I have been working in the garden for three hours.”
  7. The boss said to the secretary: “Have you arranged the meeting for tomorrow?”
  8. Jane said “What are you doing next Saturday, Linn?”
  9. A doctor said to Jack “How did you hurt your arm?”
  10. Veronika said to Dasha “Come to my birthday party next week, please.”
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