Упражнение 2. Непрямая речь

Выберите правильную форму глагола чтобы дополнить предложения в косвенной речи:
  1. Tom said “I have already cleaned my room” – Tom said he _______ his room.
  2. Fiona said “I want to get up earlier tomorrow” – Fiona said she _______ to get up earlier the next day.
  3. The doctor said to Kevin “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue” – The doctor told Kevin _______ his mouth and stick out his tongue.
  4. The old lady asked “How much does the magazine about flowers cost?” – The old lady asked _______.
  5. A little boy said “Is Mary brushing her teeth now?” – A little boy asked _______ her teeth then.
  6. A little boy said “I can play basketball very well” – A little boy said _______ basketball very well.
  7. Mother said to Ann “Sweep the floor and wash the dishes” – Mother _______ the floor and wash the dishes.
  8. My grandpa said “I have just bought two tickets to Madonna concert” – My grandpa _______ two tickets to Madonna concert.
  9. Pam said to John “Show me your new phone, please” – Pam _______ his new phone.
  10. The customer said to the tailor “When will you mend my jeans?” – The customer asked the tailor _______ his jeans.
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