Упражнение 4. Непрямая речь

Перепишите предложения из непрямой речи в прямую
  1. The waiter said all the tables were reserved for the next day.
  2. The doctor said the injured man had fainted.
  3. My granny told me not to forget to meet my aunt at the station that Saturday.
  4. The customer officer asked me to open my suitcase.
  5. The child asked his mother why she was sad.
  6. Mr. Baker asked the shop assistant if he would help him to choose a toy for his daughter.
  7. The journalist asked Angelina Jolie how many films she had starred in.
  8. Linda told Tony not to switch the computer off.
  9. The teacher told pupils to be kind and polite at the meeting that evening.
  10. The teacher told her students not to forget to bring their essays the next day.
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