Упражнение 2. Future Perfect Continuous

Выберите правильный вариант:
  1. By Monday _______ this book for three months.
  2. They _______ non-stop for six hours before they get to Thailand.
  3. Mr. Johnson _______ in Brighton for two years next spring.
  4. By this time next week, Julia _______ on her new project for a year.
  5. By the end of the spring the workers _______ this swimming pool for a month.
  6. Bob _______ for 20 years this summer.
  7. By 5 o'clock little Ted _______ on the computer for 2 hours!
  8. Children _______ the fruit for some time by the time you come.
  9. By this time many of us _______ to the Moon for years.
  10. Oliver will _______ at the university for more than two years by the time he leaves for China.
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