Упражнение 2. Предлоги в английском языке

Fill in the correct preposition. Вставьте правильные предлоги в эти предложения.
  1. There is a reason everything.
  2. Money isn't the solution every problem.
  3. There has been an increase the amount of traffic using this road.
  4. The advantage having a car is that you don't have to rely public transport.
  5. There are many advantages being able to speak a foreign language.
  6. What was the answer question 3 in the test.
  7. You look bored. You don't seem interested what I'm saying.
  8. John has no money of his own. He totally depends his parents.
  9. We need to agree a time to meet.
  10. He apologized Mary being late last night.
  11. Emma has applied Leeds University a place on the History course.
  12. The management always puts special emphasis the comfort of its guests.
  13. All of our agents are experienced all aspects of the business.
  14. Remember to reply Mr Jones' letter.
  15. Sarah is responsible the catering.
  16. Congrаtulate you your promotion!
  17. The police charged Jack robbery.
  18. She is suffering the flu.
  19. They didn't die heart failure.
  20. I hope your son succeed his new job.
  21. Shall we invite Ann the party?
  22. We must believe our own abilities.
  23. Can I borrow a hammer you?
  24. Please don't accuse me keeping silence.
  25. I knew I could depend you.
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