Упражнение 1. Предлоги в английском языке

Choose the correct preposition. Выберте правильный предлог.
  1. Julie is good solving difficult problems.
  2. You can depend Simon. He's very reliable.
  3. He shouldn't comment that when he doesn't know all of the facts.
  4. The criminal has been charged burglary.
  5. They're always complaining something.
  6. Sally is amazing! I don't know how she copes her job and her kids at the same time.
  7. We offered to help her but she insisted doing the whole thing herself.
  8. James thinks it's an excellent plan but I'm not so keen the idea.
  9. Using peppers instead of chillies results a milder, sweeter dish.
  10. I'm bad chess. Can't we play another game instead?
  11. The coach wasn't satisfied his team's performance.
  12. Will is determined to succeed the competition this year.
  13. I didn't vote him in the last election.
  14. You shouldn't worry things so much.
  15. He has been waiting her girlfriend all the day.
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