Упражнение 2. Условные предложения

Выберите правильную форму глагола чтобы дополнить условные предложения разных типов:
  1. If I _______ (to have) the key to the door, I could go out.
  2. If you _______ (to look after / not) plants in the garden, they die very quickly.
  3. I _______ (to call) the police if he attacked me.
  4. We wouldn't have used the worker if he _______ (to contact / not) us.
  5. If it were important, he _______ (to invite) her to the party yesterday.
  6. If the result _______ (to be) negative, you will receive notification.
  7. If Jane _______ (to ring) the agent tomorrow, she will get the answer.
  8. If you _______ (to be) depressed, you need more exercise.
  9. If I _______ (to be) you, I would be very grateful.
  10. If he _______ (to be) to this place before, he would find the exit now.
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