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Complete the text.

Stephenie Meyer is the best-selling author of the young adult novel Twilight and its sequels. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and was one of six children. She her husband, Christian, at school, but they didn't marry until after she had left University. They had three sons, and Stephenie chose at home to look after them. Then one night, Meyer had a dream she couldn't stop thinking about. She decided to write a novel about the characters in her head. She spent her days thinking about the plot, and then late at night, while her children , she wrote a novel about Edward, a vampire, and Bella, a human girl. In the novel, the two characters fall in love with each other and of course there are plenty of between them. After three months, Stephenie a 500 page manuscript. Soon after, she found an agent who was delighted her work. It wasn't long before she had a publisher and a three-book deal. Today, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books into films and are known all over the world. It's strange to think that if Stephenie Meyer hadn't had a dream, she probably have written the novels. But it's fairly certain now that if she writes more books they will probably be best-sellers too.

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