Тест на лексику. Часть 1

Choose the correct answers.
  1. I like wearing __________ clothes when I'm at home, such as old jeans and T-shirts.
  2. Sam felt __________ of himself when he discovered he had passed his driving test.
  3. My friend's lucky. She works in a bank and __________ a lot of money.
  4. He hurt himself while playing tennis. I think he's sprained his __________ .
  5. I write a daily __________ about my thoughts and feelings. It's like a diary.
  6. I don't smoke, so I don't have any __________ in the house.
  7. They bought a new __________ armchair. It's very comfortable.
  8. My sister was very sad when she __________ up with her boyfriend.
  9. Shall we go along to the buffet __________ and get a coffee for the journey?
  10. The trains are so __________ . It took us three hours longer than usual to get there.
  11. I gave the shop assistant a ten pound note, but she forgot to give me my __________ .
  12. He writes great __________ that tell stories about people in difficult relationships.
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