Тест на грамматику. Часть 1

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
  1. James was hungry because he (not eat) any breakfast that morning.
  2. The boys (listen) to music when their friends arrived.
  3. If I (have) more time, I'd learn the guitar.
  4. He (do) his homework for an hour and he still hasn't finished it.
  5. Do you know if all the invitations (send) yet?
  6. This time next week, I (sit) on a beach in California.
  7. I saw Helen yesterday and she told me she (have) a fantastic time on holiday.
  8. Sometimes I wish I (know) what other people were thinking.
  9. Hurry up! The exam (start) in five minutes.
  10. Did you paint the house yourself or did you (it / paint) professionally?
  11. Most of the people (watch) the concert were teenagers.
  12. You look different! You (not / used to / have) blonde hair, did you?
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