Упражнение 2. Past Perfect

Поставьте слова в скобках в правильную форму Past Simple или Past Perfect:
  1. The schoolchildren (to have / just) lunch by the time I (to come) in.
  2. I (to stay) at home because I (to see / already) the performance
  3. When the twins (to arrive) at the party, the girls (to go / already) home.
  4. The owner of the house (to find out) that the tenant (to pay) his wife.
  5. I (to be exhausted) as I (to be) at work all night.
  6. He (to eat) an apple before he (to get) a phone call from her.
  7. This house (to be) very quiet because everyone (to go) to bed.
  8. The girl (to show) her teacher the article which her mother (to translate) .
  9. My son (to see) a car which (to break down) .
  10. I (to be good at) chess as I (to play) it before.
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