Упражнение 3. Герундий и инфинитив в английском

Дополните предложения герундием или инфинитивом.
  1. My grandpa went on (work) as an architect until he was in his eighties.
  2. The couple tried (to live) abroad but they didn't like it.
  3. After university Ramida went on (to become) an artist.
  4. Schoolchildren need (to get up) early.
  5. Is she fond of (to read)?
  6. There is no harm in (to leave) this place.
  7. It's up to you (to decide).
  8. They want me (to help) them.
  9. My friend brought me a novel (to read).
  10. What do you think of (to invite) them to the party?
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