Упражнение 6. Later, the latest, latter, the last

Вставьте "later", "the latest", "latter", "the last".
  1. iPads are one of _______ discoveries of the 21st century.
  2. Let's take a _______ bus.
  3. Olga and Tanya entered the hall. The former was short. The _______ was very tall.
  4. What time does the _______ train leave?
  5. This wonderful novel belongs to his _______ works.
  6. Sorry I'm late - am I _______?
  7. He always dresses in _______ fashion.
  8. I've read two stories this week - "The Wedding" and "Royalty Food". As to me _______ was more exciting.
  9. Is December _______ month of the year?
  10. The Minister told us about _______ elections in this country.
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