Упражнение 3. Прилагательные с окончаниями -ing и -ed в английском

Образуйте из глаголов в скобках прилагательные и дополните ими предложения.
  1. (to delay) passengers were anxious.
  2. I wish you were (to amuse).
  3. Our mutual solution is (to satisfy).
  4. Schoolchildren were (to relax) and calm.
  5. My husband was happy with the service (to provide).
  6. If it were a (to continue) trend, they would support our idea.
  7. We were offered (to enhance) check-in facilities.
  8. A key issue (to discuss) is the way out.
  9. (to affect) region was poor and desolate.
  10. We were engaged in (to exhaust) work.
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