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Тест по английскому языку

Это тест на грамматику и лексику английского языка. Если вы дали 0-20 правильных ответов - это уровень Elementary, 21-30 правильных ответов - уровень Pre-Intermediate, 31 и больше правильных ответов - уровень Intermediate.

Выберите правильный вариант:
  1. you interested in sport?
  2. My is a writer and his books are very popular.
  3. We live in the city centre and our house have a big garden.
  4. There a lot of people outside the school. What's the problem?
  5. Cathy a game on her computer at the moment.
  6. Paul is very . He doesn't go out a lot.
  7. you like to come out with us tonight?
  8. Dad's work right now. He's a teacher.
  9. Did you shopping after school yesterday?
  10. There wasn't milk for breakfast this morning so I had toast and orange juice.
  11. I five emails before school today.
  12. Turn and you'll see the museum on the left.
  13. The beach was very crowded Monday.
  14. I the new Batman film yet. Is it any good?
  15. Tom got the marks in the class for his homework.
  16. You eat all that cake! It isn't good for you.
  17. How time have we got to do this exercise?
  18. Don't forget to get the bus at Station Road.
  19. Our teacher speaks English to us so that we can understand her.
  20. My sister speak French when she was only six years old.
  21. I really enjoy new languages and I'd like to learn Italian soon.
  22. My father has been a pilot twenty years and he still loves his job.
  23. Quick – get the food inside! It any moment.
  24. Sam asked me if I a lift home after the concert.
  25. Which train for when I saw you on the platform on Sunday?
  26. I not be home this evening. Phone me on my mobile.
  27. I hope you a good time at the moment in Greece! Phone soon.
  28. If we in the countryside, we'd have much better views than we do now.
  29. Do students in your country have to stand when the teacher arrives?
  30. You hurry as we've still got twenty minutes before the film starts.
  31. I you in the café at about 4.30 and we can discuss our plans then, OK?
  32. I wanted to see Harry. How long ago ?
  33. I wish Joe to Hawaii on holiday. They're talking about an eruption there on the news.
  34. Could I possibly some money for the bus fare home? I've lost my bag.
  35. People say that an avalanche by loud noises in the area but I don't know if that's true.
  36. You'll have to drive much than this if you want to pass your test.
  37. I must remember Ed to take notes for me while I'm away next week.
  38. Look at the news! Three cars in a bad accident on the motorway at Dartford.
  39. I for arriving so late but I was caught up in a traffic jam in the town centre.
  40. It was great to see you at the party. I didn't realize how long since we last met.
  41. I'm sorry to trouble you but I was wondering what .
  42. I really wish people dump litter in front of our house. We have to clear it up every day.
  43. Last Tuesday the company told Ruth that they'd emailed her the job details the day.
  44. The studio lights went out while the footballer .
  45. By the time I hand in this project, I on it for three weeks!
  46. Jonah's just fallen down the steps outside and there's everywhere.
  47. You should be very proud what you've achieved over the last year.
  48. people know this but our school is being inspected today.
  49. Look out for a petrol station because I think we're going to run of petrol soon.
  50. If I'd gone to the sales yesterday, I one of those cheap bags before they sold out.

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