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Тест на грамматику. Вариант 1b

Complete the sentences with the correct comparative, superlative or adverb form of the adjectives in brackets. Напишите прилагательные в скобках в правильной форме.
  1. It's (exciting) to go to a party than to stay at home!
  2. Don't watch that! It's the (boring) programme on TV.
  3. My house is the (far) from the school. I have to catch the bus at 7.30 a.m.!
  4. My sister is only five but she reads very (good).
  5. I'm (happy) than yesterday. I've got some new trainers!
  6. Chris doesn't study very hard. He's got the (bad) results in the class.
  7. It's usually (cold) in England than it is in Italy.
  8. I think English is the (difficult) language in the world!
  9. My brother's a (good) driver than I am.
  10. Her writing is very clear. She writes so (careful).

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